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INTEGRO is a Latin word that means “to repair”, “to restore”, “to renew”, and “to heal”.

Physiotherapy is a non-invasive method that helps human body to heal.

In order to heal from an injury, many physiotherapeutic methods are available. One of the most common methods is the use of modalities such as cold, heat, shortwave, ultrasound, etc.

While using modalities could assist in the healing process, at INTEGRO the main approach for the treatment is based on a combination of exercises, in this case Medical Exercise Therapy (MET), and manual therapy (MT) coupled with cognitive-behavioural input.




MET means that the patient will be treated

either by performing very specifically relevant

and tailor-made exercises under direct

supervision, and on a one-on-one basis

throughout the session. The origin of

Medical Exercise therapy is Norway.



MET is a widely utilized method of rehabilitation throughout the Scandinavian and Nordic countries.

MET is different from other forms of exercises commonly performed in the gyms or in the studios, in that it is not simply focusing on strengthening or toning the muscles. MET is a progressive plan of exercises that are based on a careful  dosage of prescribed exercises that specifically designed to promote healing of an injury or a improving a condition without aggravating it. It requires a good understanding of the cause and the nature of the pain, and the factors/movements that may affect the pain negatively and inhibit healing.

The key elements are the gradual elimination of pain, remodelling of the injured tissue and reconditioning of the tissue. This is simply based on the fact that, the best results in terms of physiological, and psychological benefits are achieved by active treatment (exercises), coupled with manual therapy.

This is not only scientifically substantiated and supported, but also it has been the experience resulting from the years of treatment of hundreds if not thousands of patients by many physiotherapists.



Manual therapy plays a very important role in the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries. In some cases, it is the only approach required, and in others, in combination with MET.

MT refers to hands-on/manual maneuvers and techniqes that address the soft tissues (muscles, connective tissues) and/or the joints.










It helps to improve and normalize the function of the musculoskeletal system.




One of the consequences of injury is pain. Pain has  not only an obvious impact on the function and the ability to perform day to day tasks or sport/recreational activities, but also the perception of pain has a considerable impact on the psyche. Pain in itself is a stressor and it affects the individual’s life in more than one way.

In the course of the treatment, the psychological aspects of pain and dysfunction, (e.g. fear of movement, stress-related factors and their effect on pain, etc.) must be taken into consideration.



INTEGRO is to make efforts towards the RESTORATION of function through movement, hands-on treatment, and through a good understanding the impact of the pain and discomfort on the individual's activities and psyche.


INTEGRO means working towards healing, and enablement.

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Farzad has been a physiotherapist since June 1993. Since then he has been working in different fields of physiotherapy, from neurorehabilitation to sportsmedicine, and cognitive -behavioural approach in physiotherapy.


Over the years he became more interested in working within the musculoskeletal field treating acute and chronic conditions resulting from trauma such as sports injuries, but mostly with conditions that have gradually become chronic due to lack of activitiy and deconditioning, wear and tear, and/or posture- or lifestyle related.

Having been an athlete since early teenages, he has noticed the importance of a fine balance between physical activity level and healing and/or injury.


He finds a change in lifestyle for those who have NOT been active for various reasons a valuable and fullfilling achievement.  He believes in the fact that healing through movement, can bring about a positive experience and longer lasting results, that can in many cases lead to changes in the lifesyle, Thus,

  • Diploma P.T., 1993, Umeå University, Sweden

  • Bachelor Med.Sc. in P.T., 2001, Uppsala University, Sweden

  • Master Med. Sc. in P.T., 2002, Linköping, Sweden
  • Various courses related to musculoskeletal rehabilitation in Sweden, Finland and Singapore

Move to heal!



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101 Irrawady Road


Royal Square at Novena

Singapore  329565


Operations hours:


Mondays & Tuesdays   9:00 - 18:00

Wednesdays                 Closed

Thurdays & Fridays       9:00 - 18:00

Saturdays:                     9:00 - 13:00

Sundays &

Public holidays:             Closed



+65 6887 4535


Royal Square at Novena is located in Irrawaddy Road. The best and easiest way to get to Royal Square is via Novena MRT, Exit B. It is less than 2 minutes walk from the MRT station.


Driving, is either via Thomson Rd (passed Novena Church), or through Moulmein Rd and Sinaran drive past Tan Tock Seng Hospital to the left. Please keep in mind that Driving could mean going through some junctions with relatively heavy traffic at times especially weekends and during lunch time on weekdays. Therefore, it may take longer time than expected.

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